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October 25th:
Pink Ribbon Day

A day to stand up; A day to offer a bow; A day to pray again, and a day to simply applaud Ė we take this day as an opportunity to support and salute every brave woman out there, who has fought or is fighting the demon that is, breast cancer. We take this moment to offer a hand, the fight isnít just yours.

Stand up together to fight breast cancer.

If you would like to use these artworks (cost free*) to spread the awareness of breast cancer, email us at: dewakar.leo@gmail.com
*conditions apply

Breast-Cancer-Ribbon Breast-Cancer-Bra Breast-Cancer-Men-Supporting Breast-Cancer-Ball Breast-Cancer-Nipples Breast-Cancer-Time Breast-Cancer-It's-not-just-her-fight Breast-Cancer-Brave-Heart Breast-Cancer-Ball-Check-Before-Play Breast-Cancer-Delay